Give your Dying & Dreary Vinyl Floor a Second Chance at Life ……

Saving You $Thousands From Your Bottom Line and Boost Your Business Image

Dear Salon Owner
Your Vinyl floor is a real asset to your business. As you know they’re non-allergenic, hygienic and durable. They have to be, because they cop a lot of ‘walked on’ traffic.

But over time, like everything else they start to wear. They get scuffed, scratched and lose their original shine, which is not a good look for your customers.

Perhaps, you’ve noticed that your vinyl floor is starting to look a little shabby?

Don’t Replace Your Old Vinyl Floor - Restore It & SAVE $$$$

Transformation of old to like new Vinyl overnight

To replace it, can cost $1000’s. Possibly an expense you could do without right now, and then there’s inconvenience of business lost while the new vinyl is being laid, another hit to your bottom line.

Who are we?

Newcastle Classic Cleaning, a local business (servicing Newcastle and surrounding areas since 2004). One of my specialities is Vinyl Floor Restoration. I bring; dull, lifeless, vinyl floors, like yours, back to life again.

And I’d like to help you.

I’ve saved Salon owners $1000s, by extending the life of their vinyl floors by up to 10 years*, and brought their floors back to a sparkling sheen, that looks like new, with no loss of trade.

For example using today’s prices, to replace your old vinyl with new, in a Salon with a floor area of 60 m2 would cost about $3,500. Ouch that hurts.

However to strip, reseal and polish your existing vinyl would cost only about $900 for the same area, a saving of about $2,600.

I think you’d agree, a saving of $2,600 is something, that you should seriously consider.

How I do it – without inconveniencing you – it happens overnight or on the weekend

You see! when I restore your floor to like new,

  • I use the most up-to-date compounds to cut and polish your old vinyl
  • I use up to 5 layers of the latest polymer based polishes
  • I use the best polishers available to give your vinyl floor a super tough shield.
  • And to make sure you’re not inconvenienced, I will personally move your salon equipment.
  • Then clean and polish your floors, and put your equipment back – without losing any trading days.

I do this after hours or on the weekends.

And I’m giving you fantastic value, starting at just $15/m2

And for larger areas, there’s an even lower rate.

Restored Vinyl is an Investment in the Prestige & Future of your Business

Now, I’ve already mentioned the dollar savings you can make by restoring your vinyl instead of replacing it, but there’s also a not so obvious benefit to you, of even greater value.

And that’s the opportunity to present the very best version of your business to your customers.

As the owner you want to convey to your customers that you run a professional, clean and leading edge business. From the moment they walk into your Salon, a crisp radiant floor goes a long way to presenting the image of success and professionalism, that your customers will appreciate, and your competitors envy.

In addition, there are the health and safety benefits of having your Vinyl restored.

  • Worn vinyl has micro cracks, which house bacteria, and are more prone to cause slips. Something you can’t afford to happen in your Salon.
  • However, after I’ve applied 5 coats to your floor apart from the dazzling, pristine shine, which you’re going to love, your floors are also sealed tight against bacteria and gain additional grip against slipping.
  • Allowing you to rest easy while kids and toddlers are playing, and the risk of slipping accidents greatly reduced.
  • Now you know why Hospitals use Vinyl and polish it so regularly, to prevent slips and to maintain the highest standard of hygiene

Let Me Make it Easier for You – 4 x Free Floor Health Checks in 1st yr.

Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘Yes I should have my floor expertly restored but there are lots of other things that I should be doing as well’. Well, I want to make the decision easier for you by giving your business even more value for money.

Limited Offer Bonus

So to ensure that your newly restored vinyl floor continues to radiate your professional success, I’ve decided to include in the floor restoration package; 4X FREE visits to your Salon, in the first year.

That’s right! at no extra cost I’ll come back to your Salon, to evaluate the health of your newly restored floor, just to ensure it remains in immaculate condition, and offer you expert advice on its upkeep. And a super, super discount ( $x /m2 ?) on a light buff and seal, if you need it.

I think you’d agree, that these FREE HEALTH CHECKS are the best way to protect your Vinyl restoration investment.

To take advantage of this Vinyl Restoration Package which includes the 4 x Free Health Checks in the first year, I need you to call me within the next 30 days.

Here’s my number 0402 485 979

Bonus 2: And To make it even better for you – I’d like to give you, 1x Free Electrostatic Broom

  1. If you take up my offer in the next 30 days, I’ll give you the perfect gift to keep your floor bright and shiny. A free Electrostatic Broom valued at $17.95. The electrostatic properties of the Broom attract and remove sand, dirt and pet hair. The rubber bristles remove built up grime, mould and algae from vinyl and tiles, whilst the blade squeegees surfaces, leaving them clean and dry.

That’s right! I’d like to give this high tech broom to you for FREE.

But you’ll need to ring me soon, because I’ve a limited number of these Brooms, and because I’m expecting a huge uptake on my offer, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have enough.

It’s Your Choice

Your Vinyl floor needs the breath of life, you can have it revived, and breathe new life into your business, save a fortune on replacement costs, all without suffering the inconvenience of closure.

  • And enjoy the strategic advantage of impressing your clients with your professionalism
  • And provide a safe and hygienic work place for their kids and your staff.
  • And including the 4x Free Health Checks and the Electrostatic Broom

By taking the simple step, of calling me to comprehensively restore your Vinyl Floor, to like new.
Call me 0402 485 979

I’m asking you to present your business as one which is a leader in your profession by taking up my unbeatable value offer to restore your vinyl

or you can stay where you are, with a business image, which is well below its potential.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Bec's hair co we always get our floors cleaned by Newcastle Classic Cleaning and highly highly recommend them!!!

From old looking floors transformed into brand new looking floors!

Thanks so much amazing job always!!!”

Bec Smith

Call me now! I’m ready to step in and help

0402 485 979

The Pros of Restoring Your Vinyl Floor

  • The sealants used create a protective coating help reduce damage occurring, increasing the lifespan and making the environment cheaper to maintain.
  • Increase the Aesthetics through increased gloss, which brightens a room
  • Removes the likeliness of bacteria growing
  • Salons can present immaculate comfortable spaces so that clients can have the best possible experience in our salon.
  • ......and lots more to love about it!

The Cons of NOT Restoring Your Floor

  • Attract More Soiling.
    Dirts particles track across the surface and cause damage by opening pores that intern attracts more particles to become lodged on the surface making the floor appear dirtier than the usual standard.
  • Can Become Slippery.
    Surfaces that receive excessive foot traffic that are not maintained will have decreased slip resistance which increases the risks of slips and falls.
  • Reduces the Aesthetics by Increasing Soiling and Damage.
    When floors have been damaged over time, their risk of staining increases and also attracts more soiling, making cleaning incredibly difficult and the surface almost impossible to keep clean. This affects the aesthetics of the environment as the floor pulls down the quality of the space.
  • Unsealed floors lack a protective coating which will substantially reduce the life span of the surface which therefore increases the costs of the environment.
  • Can Create Habitats for Micro-Organisms and Bacteria to Grow.
    As these pores open by the dirt particles scratching the surface the opportunities for micro-organisms to become lodged and bacteria to grow increases.

Here's What You Get When You
Have Us Restore Your Floor

  • We use the best products using the latest technology*
  • We will not inconvenience you and your business's trading.
  • We will remove and replace your furniture and equipment*
  • By restoring your floor you will save $1000's in replacement costs
  • We will do this in a very cost effective way
  • We will add dazzle to the shine of your salon

Frequently Asked Questions

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